Embrace Sustainability and Make Life Brilliant with ZTE

 For the past 52 years, Earth Day has been a time for us to reflect on the impact that our actions have had on the Earth’s climate, and an opportunity to consider better ways to preserve our precious home for generations to come. 

This year, on the 53rd anniversary of Earth Day, the United Nations (UN) is calling upon all of us to celebrate under the theme The Future of Weather, highlighting the 150 years of work done by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) to keep the world informed about changes in weather patterns well in advance. In a world that faces an increasing number of natural disasters due to climate change, the work done by the WMO has helped to keep people safe and out of harm’s way. 

The improvement of technology over the years has made it possible for meteorologists to more accurately detect danger in weather patterns before disaster strikes. Technological improvements have, as a whole, made the world a simpler place for everyone. However, it has largely contributed to carbon emissions and ultimately climate change. 

Minimizing the effects of climate change is the social responsibility of all individuals and organizations who care about the environment and the livelihood of future generations. As one of the leading enterprises in the Information Communication and Technology (ICT) industry, ZTE recognizes this responsibility, and our environmental management system has been to ISO standards for nearly 20 years. If buying eco-friendly, sustainable tech is your priority, ZTE can be your environmentally sound product choice.


ZTEs Green Approach


As part of our environmental protection plan, ZTE has implemented and maintained an eco-friendly approach in the manufacturing, product development, and supply chain fields by taking a scientific approach when launching new products and services. We’re also committed to improving our environmental management system (EMS) in business operations and during the production phase. 

In 2005, we received a third-party International Standardization Organization (ISO) certification based on ISO14001 for our EMS, and in 2013 ZTE became one of the first companies to join the Shenzhen carbon emission trading system. We obtained ISO50001 certification in 2016, and have since grown to become one of the highest-rated enterprises by the Economy, Trade and Information Commission of Shenzhen.

Green Product

ZTE prides itself in creating products that are of high commercial value while following the principle of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. We ensure sustainability by paying special attention to the entire lifecycle of our mobile phones, multimedia, and broadband network terminals, including reducing the use of raw materials in the manufacturing of our products and making an effort to increase recycling after product use.

Product Design

Through assessments based on ISO standards, we’ve figured out that mobile phones cause the most damage during the production phase, while system products have the most impact on the environment during their use phase. We’re committed to creating our products with highly durable materials to minimize the need for raw materials and reduce the power consumption of our equipment. 

Product Recycling

ZTE has partnered with more than 160 environmental service providers to form a global recycling network that provides the safe and eco-friendly handling of recycled and recyclable materials worldwide. Our partnerships make it easier for our products to be recycled, allowing us to source all required materials while maintaining a low carbon footprint. 

Product Packaging

We’ve designed all our packaging to ensure that it is sustainable and recyclable, and over 70% of our merchandise is packaged in paper.  Even during storage and logistics, ZTE devices are packed on iron and paper pallets which are more sustainable to reuse or recycle. We’ve reduced our impact on the environment by minimizing the use of plastics, and using recycled materials when needed.

Green Operations

Internally, ZTE also strives to minimize energy consumption and implement measures to conserve energy and the use of raw materials. Constant monitoring of our internal operations has allowed us to keep employees informed about electricity and water conservation, and give warnings when there is a waste of resources.  

On a global scale, ZTE has provided energy-efficient solutions through network architecture, software, chips, and other supporting parts and products that make up a majority of 5G commercial products. 

PowerMaser One: Hybrid Power Solutions

As the demand grows for network operators globally, ZTE has created a new-generation solution to ensure the efficient use of energy. The integrated design of the PowerMaster One combines multiple sources of renewable and non-renewable energy, such as solar, wind, and transmission grid power.  

Carbon Emissions Management

ICTs play a huge role in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. As one of the leaders in the industry, ZTE has the responsibility to create products that help us, and our customers, leave the smallest possible carbon footprint. To achieve this, we implement the Management Regulations on Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction. Our energy consumption data is collected automatically for ease of monitoring and analysis. 


The Future of Green Technology


This Earth Day, ZTE wants to give you the peace of mind of knowing that your tech choices are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and eco-conscious because we’ve designed them with the planet and future generations in mind.

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