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Touchscreen Not Working

If you notice any display or touchscreen issues, please follow the troubleshooting steps.

1. Check whether the issue is consistent or random.
2. Make sure the temperature where the phone is being used is not too hot or not too cold.
3. Check if the issue occurs during charging. If yes, we recommend trying another charger and data cable
(Note: The voltage instability of charger and data cable may cause touchscreen to behave erratically).
4. If there is a screen protector on the screen, try removing it.
5. Make sure there are no stains such as water, sweat etc. on the touchscreen, if there is, wipe the screen and try again.

Note: The standard working temperature of the capacitive touchscreen is -10℃-45℃.

If the handset is with obvious water stains or damage (including screen crack), contact customer service.

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