A Very Merry Christmas With ZTE

Christmas is coming early this year thanks to ZTE. We have prepared special Christmas deals for everyone to enjoy. How good are these deals and when do they start? Follow along and we’ll show you.

December 15th Super Deal

For 24 hours (Dec.15th-Dec.16th 8PM HK Time)  ZTE will be offering the ZTE Axon 30 for the awesome low starting price of just $449! Alongside this awesome deal for the Axon 30, you will also get a free Bluetooth speaker with your order, a $50 value in savings by itself which gives you an amazing $100 in savings!


Don’t let this 24 hour deal slip by, it’s the best deal yet to come to the Axon 30 and thus one of the best deals ever for a great smartphone with a next gen under-display camera so you can really enjoy the full screen of your phone uninterrupted.

December 16th Super Deal

For just 24 hours (Dec.16th-Dec.17th 8PM HK Time) you will be able to get the ZTE Axon 30 Ultra for the starting price of just $649, one of the best deals for a flagship phone found anywhere on the internet! When you purchase an Axon 30 Ultra during this second super deal you will also get a free Bluetooth speaker valued at $50, giving you an epic savings of $150!


The ZTE Axon 30 Ultra is one of the world’s most powerful flagship phones and has one of the smoothest screens on the market at 144Hz and it can all be yours this Christmas or a great gift to give Christmas morning if you order during this super deal.

December 17th 10 Day Giveaway Event

If you found this article a little late and missed the super deals or just like more deals, ZTE is also running a 10 day giveaway campaign from December 17th to December 27th. To play, just submit your email and spin the lucky wheel at the bottom of the event page starting on December 17th. 

Participants can win one of the following coupons.

  • A coupon for a ZTE phone of your choice valued at $5 / $10 / $20 / $50.
  • A coupon for a free pair of Livebuds wireless earbuds when you order a ZTE phone.

*Note that there is a limited number of coupons available, so be sure not to miss your chance to get one!

If you aren’t already subscribed to the ZTE Newsletter, make sure you do so you don’t miss these 24 hour super deals!

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