All About the ZTE Axon 40 Ultra Display: More Than Just a Pretty Face


Since its inception, the ZTE Axon has always been a hallmark flagship series of cutting-edge smartphone technology. ZTE has been pushing boundaries and is constantly striving to improve and innovate and the Axon 40 Ultra is a testament to that dedication. With its seamless screen, innovative under-display camera, and commanding Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, it takes its place as a novelty in the smartphone industry.

One of the most distinguishable features of the phone is its gorgeously continuous display. Without a single notch to break up the screen, it provides the user with a truly immersive and uninterrupted experience and while this feature is thought to be the most outstanding of the phone’s innovative display creativity, that assumption would be a dire understatement as we look further into the complex genius of Axon 40 Ultra’s display.

Revisiting the UDC First


The blocked-off display caused by the obnoxious aperture in the screen of the common front-facing camera is now officially behind us since the advent of ZTE’s under-display camera in 2020 with the ZTE Axon 20 5G. The notch nightmare always served to hinder fully immersive usage, especially in terms of gaming and video viewing. Now in 2022, with a 3rd generation form of this innovative technology ZTE is taking your screen display needs to an entirely new level — by getting rid of those boundaries altogether with the absolutely unified display in the Axon 40 Ultra.  

The under-display camera has been hailed as one of Axon 40 Ultra’s most Avant Garde features - effortlessly contributing to thrilling developments in display technology, but the tremendous specs are not only a result of the quaint under-display camera but the actual state-of-the-art screen itself built to create a truly extraordinary experience.

The Astounding AMOLED Screen


The Axon 40 Ultra flaunts an impressive 6.8” AMOLED screen. An AMOLED screen is basically an advanced form of the usual OLED screen only containing a special Thin Film Transistor (TFT) layer which dedicates a current-controlling transistor to each pixel on the screen. Basically, your screen is made up of thousands of tiny LED bulbs that are shrunk down to create what we know as pixels – which make up the display you see splashed across the screen. With ZTE’s advanced AMOLED technology, each bulb is independently controlled allowing for a detailed, sharper display without any jagged edges. 

This is also the strategic way in which the under-display camera can be kept “under” – with the singular-circuit run LEDs, the Axon 40 Ultra achieves a flawless, never-ending display without compromising the option of a front camera by increasing the screen’s pixel density while reducing the size of pixels specifically around the camera area. Richard Priday noted on Tom's Guide that “ZTE's done a great job upping the pixel density of the disappearing display over the camera, meaning it's impossible to see any difference in the screen during regular usage.” Another advantage is energy efficiency as the ability to dim and turn off individual pixels also saves on power

Color Depth and Resolution 


The AMOLED screen also means that individual pixels can be switched off completely, allowing for a deeper black color gradient and a higher contrast ratio. The Axon 40 Ultra also includes a 100% Coverage DCI-P3 wide color gamut, offering an extensive range of vivid pigmentation so your color display is richer and more vivid - which you’ll need to play back high dynamic range content. The phone also incorporates a 10-bit color depth, ensuring smoother gradations and enhanced realism in video and photography content.

The maximum amount of light always reaches the display surface due to the lack of layering on the LEDs resulting in brighter images with better viewing angles and with a brightness level of up to 1500 nits, the AMOLED screen won’t dim down in the sunniest of conditions. Adding in the Full High Definition 1116x2480 resolution and the remarkable blue diamond 400 PPI image density pixel arrangement across the screen. It is pretty easy to see how the visual experience of the Axon 40 Ultra is beyond reproach in delivering visual integration and revolutionary imagery. 

Physical Display 


The rounded glass screen allows for a gorgeous waterfall display and the curved edges make it easier for handling for gaming purposes and better immersive video playback. The Axon 40 Ultra prides itself in being a pioneer of expansive viewing. Conor Cawley noted for Android Police that “the size is great for watching any kind of content,” adding that “the tiny bezels at the top and bottom of the device are barely perceptible, giving the Axon an impressive 93% screen-to-body ratio.” 

High Refresh Rate

When talking about phone specs, people tend to throw refresh rate numbers around a lot but what do they actually mean? 

When we watch anything, what we’re essentially seeing is the product of a succession of quick flashing images to relay a complete display. The refresh rate tells you exactly how many times per second that image is flashed across your screen and is measured in Hertz (Hz). The Axon 40 Ultra boasts a dazzling 120Hz high refresh rate, meaning the screen can refresh itself a rapid 120 times per second. 

That’s great but how does a higher refresh rate benefit me?    

A higher refresh rate means the transitions between the image “flashes” become practically seamless, providing a smoother and incredibly faster display. This is especially suitable for intense flawless gaming and the most crystal-clear media viewing experience. However, ZTE looks to every efficiency need and also offers users the display at a 60Hz option to save on power.

The Axon 40 Ultra also has a 360Hz multi-finger touch sampling rate - this feature allows gamers to tap and swipe effortlessly without any delay. As Namerah Saud Fatmi wrote for Android Central “in simpler terms, that means that this phone is extremely responsive, and it shows.” 

The Future Is Bright… and a Lot More Visually Appealing 

With so many notable advancements in technology, the Axon 40 Ultra remains a flagship for innovation at an affordable price without ever needing to compromise on quality. The trademark under-display camera may be a worthwhile feature under the display specs but it is by far not the only phenomenal feat of display excellence brought about with the new Axon 40 Ultra.

For more information on the ground-breaking Axon 40 Ultra visit the ZTE Axon site

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