Android 12, Made for a Custom Fit

Android 12

The 2021 Google I/O conference marked the release of Android 12, the only Android OS doesn't have a desert-related nickname. It’s also the version of Android that has made the greatest changes to the overall look and feel of Android device functionality, and Google has named it their “most personal OS yet”. Well, maybe a title is better than a nickname. 


This OS is different because it’s the first time that Google has released an Android update that pays attention to the user interface, security, and overall processing capabilities of the device. There’s an obvious difference during your transition to Android 12 from any previous Android versions. Let’s explore some of the major differences that make this operation system so unique. As well as some of the smaller features that you might not be aware of.

Express Your Preference  

The most striking feature of Android 12 is the updated UI which is more personalized and interactive, made possible by the introduction of Material You which has been adapted from Google’s Material Design launched in 2014. Material Design was created to help developers design devices that integrate better with Android OS. The Material You theming framework automatically adapts the entire interface to match the color scheme of your chosen wallpaper, making each device unique to the individual. 

The color palette extends to the icons and widgets, which are much larger and rounded out compared to the preceding versions of Android. The updated conversation widget is more functional and allows you to read priority messages from the home screen. Animation updates in Android 12’s UI provide a realistic interaction with the icons and widgets by making them appear to glide away when you close apps. 


Private and Secure

Is there anything more personal than privacy? Extra measures have been taken to secure private data that’ll now be coded and stored in the privacy-preserving Private Compute Core, which is isolated from the rest of the OS, making it virtually inaccessible to third parties. Android 12 pays a lot more attention to data security by placing tighter restrictions on third-party access to information. 


For instance, users now have more control over the sharing of their exact location and can choose to provide only their approximate location depending on which app is requesting access to that information. 

Furthermore, privacy indicators appear as green dots at the top of the screen to keep you well informed of the device’s use of the camera or microphone. This means you can be aware of the background activity of apps, and you have the option to change app permissions by clicking on the green dot. 

Helpful Tweaks

A faster processor gives some functions an even wider range of capabilities such as the ability to start playing a game before it’s finished downloading, and a gaming mode that prioritizes network bandwidth for games by disabling notifications. You can now also take a screenshot of an entire page, and live-stream on YouTube. Starting with Android 12, you’ll be able to seamlessly switch between devices without losing any important or sentimental data, even if switching from iOS.    


The Start of Something New

It’s safe to say that Android 12 marked the beginning of a new era for the OS developed by Google because there aren’t too many significant updates on their latest OS, Android 13, which was released in August of this year. Android 12 is currently on version 12.1.0 which was made available on August 8 to all compatible devices. 

Are there some updates that personally stuck out to you that haven't been widely mentioned? And has the transition to Android 12 been a smooth one? 

Now, Android 12 is available for ZTE Axon 30 and 40 series, you can discover your most personal smartphone right now!




















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