Early ZTE Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

We've been waiting and putting away money all year, hoping to save up enough for the precious items on our wishlist when Black Friday sales drop. This year, the biggest sale in the world of retail falls exactly one month before Christmas, which is enough time to get everything boxed and wrapped up to be placed under the tree. But if you feel like you’ve already waited long enough to upgrade your device and Christmas just seems too far for your unboxing therapy, then ZTE has great Black Friday specials planned for the last two weeks of November.

The Warm Up

The month of November is guaranteed to bring you the biggest savings on the latest ZTE devices and accessories, with a warm-up to Black Friday starting on November 14th to get you in the mood of winning, just in time for the FIFA World Cup. You can score yourself 50% off the Axon 30 Ultra 12g on November 14th, and if you had your sights set on the Axon 30 Ultra 8G, you can get that at 50% off in the November 16th flash sale. 

To wrap up the Black Friday warm-up, there’s one last flash sale on the 23rd where you get a $100 discount on the Axon 40 Pro, $200 off the Axon 30, and $300 off the Axon 30 Ultra — but don’t be in a hurry to spend all your coins just yet because the ZTE Black Friday Bundles go on sale starting November 24th, and there are deals in there you don’t want to miss.

ZTE Black Friday & Cyber Monday Bundles

Starting on November 20th, the whole world will already be in game mode because the World Cup will have kicked off, and attempting to participate in Black Friday sales may feel a bit like a walk through the battleground. So ZTE is giving all our patrons a head start on savings and launching the big sale on November 24th, and it’ll last until the 28th on Cyber Monday. Here’s what’s in store for you: 

  • A30 + ZTE Buds + Cable  @ $309

  • A30 Ultra 12gb + ZTE Buds + Cable @ $609

  • A30 Ultra 12gb + Watch Live + Cable @ $619

  • A40 Pro 8gb + ZTE Buds + Cable @ $429

  • A40 Ultra 8gb + ZTE LiveBuds + Cable @ $769

  • A40 Ultra 12gb + ZTE LiveBuds + Cable @ $869

All purchases made during the warm-up to Black Friday, and all Black Friday & Cyber Monday Bundles come with a free ZTE LED lamp and will be shipped and delivered for free. 

Prepare to Save Big

It’s reported that in the US 88 million people made an online purchase during Black Friday 2021, and those numbers are expected to increase globally this year. So whether you’re looking to save money and get everyone’s Christmas presents early this year, or you’ve just been waiting all year to get your hands on your wishlist items, it’s time to get ready for the biggest price drops of 2022. Stay up to date and receive updates and notifications when Black Friday sales go live, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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