Stunning Speed: Ultra-Fast Connection

Today we have become accustomed to super fast connection, we can’t imagine waiting more than a minute in 2020 for a video to load. It wasn’t always like that, in the early period of the internet on our phones it took quite a bit of time to even download small music files. It was not until late 2000s when it became normal for people to start using their phone to connect to the internet and the first half of the 2010s for internet features to become a key part of the infrastructure in everyone's daily use of their phone. The years 2017 and 2018 were an important transitional stage in the development of 5G as it began to set a new standard.

Looking At 5G Benefits

As we continue down a path of developing faster and more stable connections not only because of an increasing demand for greater speed in our daily lives but more capacity for a growing population. This really is a vision for tomorrow not only for today. 5G connection looks to build a foundation to make everything truly connected by making an Internet of Everything (IoE) become a reality, so all people can connect with each other and all things can be connected. The development of 5G could then make short term and long term, local and global progress in strengthening commercial ties between you and your most loved companies and harmonize your daily life with all the infrastructure to make daily much faster and more convenient. Connection with 5G remains strong and consistent with 5G even when it would fail for other types of connections. For example you can continue your phone calls on high speed trains, in elevators, in underground garages or other low signal environments.

How It All Works With Axon 20 5G

The ZTE Axon 20 5G features upgraded antenna technology to ensure an ultra-fast 5G experience. This is Super Antenna 2.0, a cutting-edge PDS antenna with a 360-degree surround integrated design and intelligent closed-loop tuning technology. The antenna can improve network connection stability and download speed. As well as this 12 different antennas have been integrated into the outer surface of the middle frame, which are further away from the motherboard and internal components. This improves the signal connection quality so it becomes more stable and faster. This allows the device to have a much more stable connection in places than may typically have lower signal for other devices. The device also boasts intelligent network acceleration technology that increases download rate, allowing for faster downloads for any files. Finally, it intelligently avoids frequency bands with congested signals.

Final Thoughts

5G has certainly begun to break through in recent years, leading to more effective daily use for you on your devices. ZTE Axon 20 5G aims to continue with this trend by continuing to pursue it’s vision towards tomorrow. 

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