Take Your Best Shot Using the Axon 30 Ultra

It’s always great to know that you’re getting the best quality in every product you decide to purchase, especially the features of your smartphone. The quad camera set-up of the Axon 30 Ultra is designed to simplify the process of creating content on your phone, by giving you stunning images from any angle or lighting condition. The four rear cameras sit in a sleek rectangular camera bump with a glossy rainbow finish, and that makes them the focal point of the phone. 


What exactly can you do with three cameras, an ultra-zoom lens, and laser detection autofocus? You can capture breathtaking portraits in 64MP, and photograph picturesque landscapes from either the 64MP wide or 64MP ultra-wide lens, and the ultra-zoom lens has the power to let you finally get the perfect picture of the moon. It also allows you to take a picture with up to three lenses at the same time, so you don’t always have to try and figure out which camera will give you the best shot. 

Portrait Alignment

The first is the 64MP portrait camera that has a 35mm focal length lens, with an f/1.9 aperture for brilliant low light performance. Photographer Robin Wong, who was tasked with reviewing the camera, said that this was his personal favorite lens and he wished 35mm lenses were a feature on all smartphones. It grants the best focus on objects 1.3 meters away, which is perfect for taking pictures of people since this is the average distance of human interaction. Laser detection autofocus allows you to capture movement without losing focus, giving you flawless images of real-life interaction and facial expressions.  

For the best portraits while using this camera, use the grid to place the face in the center of the image, and allow the autofocus to gain clarity of the person before you take the picture. Avoid taking portraits when there is direct light above your subject (midday sun), and rather opt for lighting that illuminates the subject’s face (sunrise/sunset). This technique will also work with the 16MP front-facing camera that supports HDR for the additional light boost in challenging situations. Self-portraits captured on this flagship phone are sufficiently bright with a smooth texture.   

Far And Wide

The Axon 30 Ultra is outfitted with cameras that are dedicated to capturing scenic landscapes and objects far away in perfect clarity. The second of the four cameras is a 64MP Sony IMX686 

a wide-angle lens that serves as the main camera for the phone. It has an f/1.6 aperture and 9248 x 6944-pixel resolution, which is not only ideal for landscape photography and dramatic portraits, it’s capable of shooting 8K resolution videos at 30fps. The phone is a vlogger’s ultimate companion because it has the power to create cinematic special effects on videos with features like Dolly Zoom, and a monochrome color function that lets you adjust the color schemes of your footage in real-time.   


Camera number three takes it a few steps further with a 64 MP Samsung ISOCELL GW3 camera that’s capable of 120° ultra-wide photography, which is beyond the average human peripheral view of 95°. Additional structural distortion suppression ensures clarity in landscape photography, which becomes otherwise grainy and loses clarity when captured using a wide-angle lens from a smartphone.


Interestingly, wide-angle shots are achieved when the subject or object of focus is placed off center, on the line of either the first or third grid. In this way, the scenic background becomes the main focus of the image, while the eyes become drawn toward the object that’s making the picture asymmetrical. The grid can further assist in centering the image when capturing an ultra-wide landscape.

Telescopic Lens

The fourth camera is an 8 MP lens capable of 5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom, and 50x digital zoom. It integrated into an image taken with the main lens, giving you creative flexibility with some of the toughest subjects to capture. Lewis Painter of Tech Advisor says that although the modified picture appears to be obviously generated, it has plenty of artistic potentials.

The Axon 30 Ultra packs an outstanding Super Night Mode that appears to absorb light from the surroundings to make evening scenery come alive in vivid clarity, regardless of which camera you use. This combination of features is ideal for those who love capturing the ambiance of the evening.  

Show Us Your Best Shots

After you’ve mastered your weapon, we invite you to take part in a special type of shoot-out with ZTE Shoot Your Shot. This photography contest allows you to share special moments captured on your smartphone with the ZTE community, and stand the chance to win ZTE merchandise every month. The only catch is that you have to stick to the theme of the month. Just upload your photos on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with the hashtag #myDayWithZTE to join the action. 


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