The Sleek Under Display Camera of the ZTE Axon 40 Ultra

In 2020, ZTE introduced the world’s first-ever cell phone incorporated with an under-display camera, the ZTE Axon 20 5G. We had seen various technological advancements in the past with cellphone designs striving to achieve edge-to-edge displays of an uninterrupted view. However, the camera had always found a way to be the one feature that still sought to be seen, intruding on the display until ZTE figured out how to change that.

It was a milestone in technology, which forced smartphone manufacturers all over the world to figure out how to do it and do it better. While ZTE was the first to successfully merge the camera into the screen, they continued to look into ways to improve on the ground they had broken, and they did.

What Is UDC? 

UDC (under display camera) refers to a design in which cameras are hidden underneath the screens that house them as opposed to being integrated visibly on the surface. Developments in technology have allowed high-resolution cameras to take quality selfies while maintaining a discreet presence on the display. Where “holes” were usually visible, and now UDC removes it.UDC has largely sought to give users the greatest amount of screen real estate possible, thereby enhancing the experience of the overall display.

The Advancements in Under Display Cameras

Since 2020, ZTE has found ways to upgrade the standard of under-display cameras on their devices. A year later in 2021, the brand launched the ZTE Axon 30 in China, and it had a range of improved features as the latest model of the ZTE range at the time. The screen became more seamless and the camera no longer stands out from the screen.  This year the much-anticipated ZTE Axon 40 Ultra was released with the same UDC feature, but once again a model that has been improved upon from its predecessor. The screen is almost perfectly seamless, and the front is unrecognizable in most of the color conditions.

How the Latest-gen UDC Performs Compared to Previous Generations 

The ZTE Axon 40 Ultra houses ZTE’s newest third generation of the under-display camera feature. The camera has a High Density of 400 PPI and a 2.24 μm Pixel Size. From the moment the Axon 40 Ultra is unboxed, the UDC (or the absence thereof) is one of the first things that catch your eye on the glossy screen. Right up to when it is first turned on, it offers you the option to set up face unlock for your device security — a feature that is achieved using the very UDC that users are so excited to see live in action. “With its third-gen UDC on the Axon 40 Ultra, ZTE has nailed the “hide the camera” part of that challenge,” writes Allison Johnson from The Verge, “ZTE has worked some magic here. The selfie camera really does disappear into the rest of the screen almost all of the time. During the time I spent setting up the phone, I truly forgot about it — maybe even the entire concept of punch-holes and notches.”

ZTE's Approach to Making Better Under-display Cameras

ZTE is constantly investing in the research and development of all its features, and seeing how UDC can be improved in models to come is something that ZTE is dedicated to. By making better UDC, the overall user experience of ZTE devices will be better. Just as the display on the Axon 40 Ultra has hit above that of previous models, the same approach to innovation will be taken to advance the models to come.

UDC Isn't Perfect, Who Is It Built for? 

Even though many years of research have been poured into its birth, UDC is still a fairly young feature with room for much improvement something ZTE is constantly striving towards. It is however a feature that can be taken advantage of by those who want to experience the pleasure of limitless and uninterrupted views. Whether you are watching a film or some other video content, or you are a mobile gamer curious about what it feels like to game on a mobile with no obstructions, this UDC is for you. The UDC paired with the 6.8-inch immersive AMOLED curved full display and the 120Hz refresh rate that the Axon 40 Ultra display boasts makes for an elevated experience.

“As one of the pioneers of under-display camera phones, ZTE has upgraded this technology on their latest flagship phone: Axon 40 Ultra. It is probably the best under-display camera smartphone you can buy right now,” writes Paco Zheng, for Gizmochina.

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