This is Why Gamers Should Choose ZTE Products

Mobile phones today have become an important platform for gaming and e-sport. Multiple aspects could impact mobile gaming experiences including the processor, screen, and dynamic interactions like vibration or audio output. On ZTE, of course, we see users’ demand for the Gaming experience, and our products were more than ready to tackle them.

The most important gaming capability of a phone is the performance, of course. If the phone cannot smoothly run your favorite game, I don’t think would bother to buy one. Therefore, first of all, the processor almost dominated the gaming experience of any phone. On ZTE phones, we always pick the most advanced processor at the time. Such as Snapdragon 888 and Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. They will ensure all games you like runs properly on our advanced devices, such as Genshin Impact and Wild Rift. They could run smoothly without lag on your phone, so you can continue your journey anytime and anywhere you want. Just beware of your battery and surroundings. Remember, there is a massive amount of computation every second you play your games. What do these processors do? They make computations! So you can tap and play, they got your back.


Then it comes to your screen because video games mostly rely on videos, which will be displayed via your screen. There must be no doubt that the screen is important as well. To play a smoother game, you will need your screen to have a higher refresh rate. It would be meaningless if the game displays 80 images at a second but your phone can only display 60 at a second. Therefore, the Axon 40 Ultra has a 120Hz refresh rate, which means 120 images were shown each second. Axon 30 Ultra even has a 144Hz refresh rate, which displays up to 144 images at a second. These two devices have the ultimate screen for any of your games, making your journeys more immersive than it ever was.

That’s not it, there is more to the screen than just the refreshing rate such as the color and the under-display camera. Colors are not easily recognizable, but they would largely impact the experience. Since we are just representing the real world through led bulbs, the number of colors we can display is usually limited. Therefore, more colors to be displayed means better imagery and a smoother gradient. How much do we have? It’s 10-bit color depth on Axon 40 Ultra. 10-bit means 1.07 billion colors can be displayed on the screen. Of course, your gaming graphics will look good. Wait a minute, you found your punch holes, bangs, or water drop annoying on your screen? So do we. It makes some parts of the graphics missing. But we got your back, for years, ZTE tried hard to hide the front camera under the screen. If it bothers you, Axon 40 Ultra would be the perfect choice for you. It makes the front camera almost invisible under the screen. There will be no difference, between the screen on top of the camera and other places.


An immersive gaming experience mainly relies on the visual, however, humans have a lot of sensations like audio and tactility. So the sound and the touch are also important. The ZTE Axon 40 Ultra has a linear x-axis motor. It vibrates dynamically when you encounter danger, made some achievements, or just nailed a genius play. Image the world shakes with your great outplay, whoo!

Gamers, ZTE has great options for you, and we can offer you some features you may never find elsewhere! However, what we talked above is just a portion of the experience, and there is more to it. Interested? Cool, check out our next article!

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