We Did a Lot to Improve your Gameplay


At the age of internet, more people switched their daily life on to fictional experience and entertainment, such as films and video games. For many, mobile gaming is their good option. Our previous article on ZTE Gaming noted how ZTE phones were optimized for their in-game performance. However, what happens virtually only serve half of the gaming experience. The rest, happens in the reality. 


Imagine holding a hot pan with naked hands, and wait for the heat to stir your palm. That is exactly what it feels like when you are playing games on some smartphones. The power to create a virtual world is one of the greatest feature on your phones right now, but it always come with a byproduct, heat. It makes the processor under performing. It would result in lower frame rate performance. 


Depending on the computational ability, energy efficiency and heat dissipation structure, the temperature of a gaming smartphone can go up from 40 to 65 degree Celsius. We assume there is not too much joy when holding a 65 degree hot iron. That is why ZTE choose to enhance heat dissipation. The ZTE Axon 40 Ultra has 9 layers of dissipation. It reduces when you touch it. 


Heat doesn’t just stir your hand, but also drains the power in the battery. Phone games are best played anytime at will, but if your battery runs out too fast, it wouldn’t be called “play anytime”. 


So, phones like Axon 40 Ultra, Axon 40 Pro, Axon 30 Ultra, and Axon 30 all have 65w fast charging. With no more than 20 minutes, your phone will be ready for another 4 hours of battle. This is not it, The 5000 mAh battery on the Axon 40 series and the 4200mAh battery on the Axon 30 series. If standby, they can survive more than 10 days. The big batteries allowed battles from attrition to intense fighting. If you prefer calming games, it makes you check the status of what you own at anytime you want. 


We talked about what we do to improve those things could potentially be worse, there are also designs and features making the gaming experience better. Flip the Axon 40 ultra, look at its back, it is a 71-degree glass shelter, with a unique matte texture. It doesn’t get slippery, although it doesn’t spark under light, it is firm to touch as well as holding still. 


Flip over, the screen, provides something extra, that are just right to serve gamers. Video games stands for a way of gaming via videography, which is using the eyes. Light might damage the eye by in paring the vision cells, especially blue light. Therefore, the ZTE Axon 40 ultra has blue light protection certificate to protect your sight, minimizing the damage of long time gameplay.


That’s it for gaming on ZTE, but we believe there are more than we said in this article. Don’t hesitate to check out ZTE website and co-responding product, where you will find more that is beneficial to your gaming and daily life. 


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