We Introduced the ZTE Axon 40 Ultra to the World

The back of ZTE Axon 40 Ultra showing off the quad-camera set-up

Just a month ago, ZTE released the Axon 40 Ultra to the world. From the waterfall full-screen design, further emphasized by the under-display camera, to the force-to-be-reckoned Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, this device quickly gained traction as its sleek design and high-quality system reached the public.

Design and Display

The Axon 40 Ultra has a modern design that is still brilliantly functional. It has a strong build, with a nine-layer heat dissipation system, making for cooling that allows the performance to reach peak levels without issues such as overheating. But the overall eye-catching design is of course to a great extent owed to the hole-free, 6.8 inch, flexible and curved display that is the front screen. ZTE made use of under-display camera technology to conceal the camera below the screen, keeping it unexposed, and providing a full-screen experience for users. A feature perfect for handheld gamers and a quick binge on Netflix from the comfort of your phone. “Design-wise, it’s exquisite, with a “waterfall” display that sees the edges curve dramatically – which means the Axon 40 Ultra feels super-comfortable in the hand. The large rear camera bump gives the phone a commanding look, without being so big as to make the handset unwieldy,” writes Tom Bedford of Tech Radar.

It isn’t just about the look of the screen. The actual display of the Axon 40 Ultra has a brilliant refresh rate of 120Hz. It makes smooth transitions between image updates. Then there’s a 360Hz multi-finger touch sampling rate, allowing gamers to tap and swipe effortlessly without delays.


We can’t forget to mention the triple camera system on this phone. The wide-angle camera, UHD portrait camera, and periscope telephoto camera make a versatile camera setup you can use on any occasion. Always help you produce high-quality images that you can edit with the wide range of photo editing options available. Whether you want to capture human portraits or blog-post-worthy scenery, you’ll be able to capture everything from the colors to the detail with ease.


But what is a high-performance smartphone in 2022 without a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor? The Axon 40 Ultra is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8th Generation 1 5G processor; the best processor to set foot on ZTE territory that far. “As we’ve seen in some other devices, this CPU just will not struggle, whether you’re throwing demanding games, video editing, or heavy multitasking at it. Gaming is smooth, you can float a Netflix window on top of your web browsing and social media, and updates and installs are blazing quick.,” Talk Android writes. The processor is built to handle even the most demanding workloads without absolutely killing its usability, while still quickly navigating more simple tasks such as opening applications and swiping through menus.


Whether you’re using this device to stream music or videos, tick work tasks off your lists while you are on the run, or simply power yourself through your day-to-day cellular activities, one very important feature any phone in 2022 needs is a high-functioning battery. Not only is the Axon 40 Ultra equipped with a super 5000mAh battery, but it also goes above and beyond with a 65W Quick Charge feature to accompany it. This means that when you do eventually need to give it a charge after a long day, getting the battery life back up to head out on a Friday night won’t be an issue. “It’s got enough battery life to make you forget about your charger for at least the majority of the day. Even when scrolling TikTok for hours or getting a few sessions of Subway Surfers in, the battery held strong and didn’t drop unexpectedly. It’ll easily last all day, only reaching the danger zone early the next morning, and that’s only after heavy usage,” says Android Police.

The Axon 40 Ultra has made its rounds globally, with feedback from all over the world. This is a device for everyone, from heavy-duty gamers to smartphone enthusiasts, and everyone in between. The affordability is just a plus for a phone with its capabilities- placing it on the higher end of the market in terms of quality while making it widely accessible. 

“The handset offers great value for money and may steal your heart from its bigger-name rivals,” notes TechRadar.

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