Autumn Scenery Snaps Made Better by Axon

There are a few adjustments that always need to be made when the autumn season approaches, and the weather becomes a bit colder. The extra layers of clothing start to pile up and even though the nights last longer than the days, mother nature begins her yearly color transition from bright green and yellow, to warm brown and orange tones. This is the best time of the year to capture the spectacular golden colors of nature’s paintbrush with your camera because the sun delicately lights up the world without being too harsh or too bright. It also means getting used to a new way of taking pictures, so you can get the best out of each image. 

For The People

The best time of day to get the most beautiful lighting is around sunset, which also happens to be the time for festivities like trick-or-treating on Halloween. It’s ideal to get pictures that frame your subject’s Halloween costume beautifully against the background while giving you stunning clarity all around. Axon 40 Ultra is equipped with a 64MP camera that’s equivalent to a 33mm lens camera, specially made for beautiful portraits. The dimmer autumn light makes for a smoother contrast between shadows and light, so while photographs may not be brighter, there’s less chance of your subject being washed out by the light or blocked out by shadows. 

This is also the best lens to use if you want to focus on capturing the leaves changing color on a tree or to get a quick snap of your outfit in the mirror before heading out. 

The night mode on both the Axon 40 Ultra and the Axon 40 Pro is the perfect feature for a night out. Tech reviewer Mark Watson says that the Axon 40 Ultra has impressive low-light performance capabilities, which come in handy for capturing the nighttime decorations of the season without needing to use a flash. 


For The Places 

Nature puts on an amazing show of colors before closing shop for the winter each year. If you love the idea of capturing the scenery of color-changing fruit trees, rows of freshly baled hay, or the sun setting on the horizon, you’ll need to do it from a wider angle. The Axon 30 Ultra has two powerful 64MP cameras for wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle shots, designed to deliver crystal clear images of landscapes and large objects in scenic backgrounds. If you happen to be out in the wilderness for a refreshing escape, this is a great time of year to spot creatures gathering food in preparation for hibernation. The cameras in each of the Axon series phones grant an exceptional zoom feature that doesn’t distort the quality of the pixels. So even if you’re relatively far from the subject, you can get beautiful sun-kissed pictures. The Axon 40 Ultra is equipped with a 10x hybrid zoom to help you capture even the tiniest details. 

All of the Axon series phones are suited for portrait photography, however, the Axon 30 Ultra and the Axon 40 Ultra are fitted with the main camera that is equivalent to a 35mm camera lens developed by Sony, which specializes in camera production.


For The Win

With the powerful cameras of your Axon, you’re ready to transition with the seasons and move from taking basic photographs to capturing stunning images. And once you’ve found the perfect angle to shoot your flawless, sun-kissed shot, join the community and share your autumn pictures on social media platforms with the hashtag #myAutumnwithZTE, and stand a chance to win awesome ZTE merchandise every month.  

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