Be Part of the Game of Champions with ZTE

ZTE World Cup Event will live on 2nd of December

We’re right in the middle of the most intense FIFA World Cup currently taking place in Qatar, and if all the previous games are anything to go by, the stakes are definitely at a record high. ZTE’s Game of Champions is throwing you right into the center of the action and leaving it up to you to decide who the champions of the World Cup will be. $80 cash prizes, and $50 OFF on the ZTE Axon 40 series is waiting ahead of this event..

So, How Do I Win?

Even though there can only be one ultimate winner at the World Cup, we’re making the challenge a bit more interesting and inviting you to cast your votes for who you think will be crowned in the World Cup. The game will take place on the ZTE website from December 2 to December 11, and it’s open to all sports fans around the globe during that time period. 

What Are the Prizes?

The first three participants predicted the champions right at the FIFA World Cup will each be awarded a $80 cash prize that directly gets into their PayPal account. And because we want you to win, but not everyone wins. So, we'll give the ones who predicted the champions right an extra $50 discount coupon for all Axon 40 Pro and Axon 40 Ultra Phones, valid from December 18. This coupon can be used together with any discounts and coupons available on your hands!

The Axon 40 Ultra offers a true full-screen experience with the latest Under Display Camera (UDC) technology, for an uninterrupted view of your entire screen. It has four high-performing rear cameras, one of which is a 64 MP camera that’s equivalent to a 33mm portrait lens. The Axon 40 Pro has an incredible night mode to help you capture all your precious moments in low-lit areas, and it’s fitted with a 100 MP wide-angle camera, allowing you to capture breathtaking and scenic landscapes from a great distance. 

Play the Game Of Champions

Get ready, the ZTE Game of Champions is about to make you a winner! Show us your knowledge of the game and you too can become a champion in your own league. Follow ZTE on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and subscribe to our newsletter for detailed updates of all our exclusive offers and promotions. 

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