Capture the Warmth of Winter on Your ZTE

Winter is arguably the coziest season of the year, and for good reason. The sun disappears a bit earlier, giving way for the lights to twinkle brightly against the twilight sky, and of course, the trusty hot chocolate makes a beloved appearance. Blankets, jackets, and all things warm find themselves draped around the house while fires crackle away happily, and we’re reminded of the newness that winter can bring. You can capture the timeless inner warmth of winter with remarkable pictures on your ZTE.

Embrace the Cold Weather

It can’t be ignored that this year’s winter is a little later and warmer compared to other years. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t capture the very best of winter with your camera. Typically, a good photo of winter contrasts the cold outside with the warmth inside the room, to avoid the monochromatic color scheme associated with winter and bring some brightness and color to your photos. This aesthetic can be achieved in a variety of ways from wearing a yellow or red coat, or even using props like a colorful umbrella for photos outside, if you really want to get creative. 

The Outdoors

When we think of cold weather, we usually associate it with blue to indicate just how freezing it is. The theme of winter showcases ordinary objects in their state of sleep, covered in snow and ice. There’s an unexpected visual allure in these scenes.  Branches covered in snow provide a gratifying contrast with the blue sky, and shooting with a faster shutter speed will freeze the falling snow in your photos for a blurry effect that puts your subject front and center.  You can capture entire landscapes in one shot with either one of  the powerful 30 MP wide-angle and ultra-wide angle lenses of the Axon 30 Ultra. You can also use negative space to create stunning pictures. Consider using snow, or the white space around trees and people to create minimalist images that have a lasting impact. 

The Indoors

During winter the indoors become our place of refuge. It’s warm and provides comfort from the harsh conditions outside. When taking pictures indoors you can showcase the contrasting colors by adding warmth using lamps and candles to make the room feel cozier. Another aspect you can take advantage of when taking photos indoors are the Christmas decorations that add a festive background and make smiles appear brighter. Capturing portraits on the Axon 40 Ultra can be a beautiful experience because it has an incredible 64 MP main camera that’s equivalent to a 33mm lens.


Warm and Wonderful

A few other things that make winter a great season and may spark your creative interest in getting good photos. This season is a great time to whip up interesting meals. You may find joy in taking photos of food and beverages that are only available in winter. Arranging these foods in interesting ways will also create memories to last a lifetime when you look back on your photos. You can use the 10x hybrid zoom built-in to the Axon 40 Ultra to help you capture everyone’s meal around the table without having to walk around awkwardly. 

Special Memories

Just like summer has a golden hour, there are minutes just before the sun rises or sets in winter when there’s a soft blue light that makes landscapes look delicate and beautiful, this is known as the bluehour. This is an excellent time to get shots of the moon and horizon as the light will make the icy winter landscape sparkle. This won’t be a problem when you’re shooting with Axon because all the cameras have impressive low-light capabilities, created for moments just like these. 

Share Beautiful Moments

Winter comes around every year to not only make us appreciate the warm days of summer, but to give the Earth a cold breath of fresh air. It also gives us the opportunity to huddle up with those closest to us and create lasting memories that’ll carry us into the new year. Share the warm winter moments with on your social media pages with the hashtag #ShotOnAxon to engage with the ZTE community.

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