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Why my ZTE device is Heating Up While Using or Charging

Phone overheating happens due to one (or more) of these causes: Overusing the phone. ...

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What should I do when my ZTE device is heating up?

We hope the following steps will fix your concern but if not, kindly contact ZTE Suppo...

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Touchscreen Not Working

If you notice any display or touchscreen issues, please follow the troubleshooting ste...

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Device cannot power on

There’s a few steps we can do first: - Make sure the official charger and cable are w...

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I've noticed that my battery drains rather quickly. What should I do?

Battery consumption is largely dependent upon user habits. If you think your battery i...

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No signal/network issue

1. Please check if Airplane mode is switched off. 2. If you are using a ZTE device, p...

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People cannot hear me during calls

First, make sure that your main microphone is not blocked by dust or debris. Confirm w...

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Display Abnormal

When the display is showing abnormal color, you may check below phenomenon,- Yellow, b...

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